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Ellie-D Cafe was created by Elliana DuPuy and her mother, Brittni DuPuy-German in 2020. This new adventure began when the pair was searching for places that sold desserts such as macarons, fried Oreos and mooncakes. The two were surprised to discover that not many businesses sell these unique deserts. So at the age of 13, Elliana began baking the items herself. Together with her mother, the two created the idea of opening a café were people could find delicious and unique treats from all around the world. They also added the concept of having only items that can be eaten without utensils, upfront pricing (what you see, is what you pay), and incorporating reusable and eco-friendly products.

The café has started on a delivery only basis, with the plan to establish a physical location in 2021/2022.

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